2021 Yukon general election

The 2021 Yukon general election was held on April 12, 2021 to return members of the 35th Yukon Legislative Assembly.[1][3] The election resulted in a hung parliament with incumbent Yukon Liberal Party and the opposition Yukon Party tied with 8 seats each, while the Yukon New Democratic Party held the remaining 3.

During the 2016 election, the Liberals included a commitment in their platform to introduce fixed election dates in the territory.[4] In October 2020, the government introduced legislation to amend the Elections Act and create fixed election dates.[5] The legislation passed in December 2020, and took effect after the 2021 election.[6]

Voter turnout dropped almost twelve percentage points compared to 2016, caused to an extent by the introduction of a standing List of Electors, resulting in a higher percentage of Yukoners being registered. The absolute total number of votes cast was sightly higher than in 2016, in part due to the territory's strong population growth since the last election.[citation needed]

On April 23, the incumbent Liberals were sworn in as a minority government.[7] On April 28, the NDP announced that they had entered into a formal confidence and supply agreement with the Liberals.[8]

The final seat standing for the election was only resolved on April 19, 2021, because of a 78-78 vote tie in the Vuntut Gwitchin riding, the territory's smallest by population. After the tie was upheld by a judicial recount, drawing of lots gave the seat to the NDP's Annie Blake, denying the Yukon Liberals a one seat plurality over the Yukon Party.[9]

Bold indicates party leaders and cabinet members are italicized
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In Vuntut Gwitchin, both candidates each received 78 votes, resulting in a tie. A judicial recount took place and there remained a tie vote therefore, a random draw determined that Annie Blake would fill the seat.[11]

The Yukon Green Party did not run any candidates in the election; as a result, the party has been deregistered by Elections Yukon.[12][13]

The election resulted in a hung parliament, with no party winning the requisite 10 seats to form a majority in the legislature. The Yukon Party and the Liberals, with 8 seats each, entered discussions with the NDP to determine support for a minority government.[14] The Liberals, as the incumbent governing party, were given the first opportunity to form a government and test the confidence of the legislature. The Yukon Party publicly stated that they were not included in any talks to form a coalition government or provide other support to the Liberals, while the NDP did not indicate the content of their leader's discussion with the Liberals.[15] On April 28, 2021, the Liberals and NDP announced a formal confidence and supply agreement to allow the Liberals to form a minority government.[8]

Following the tie vote in Vuntut Gwitchin, which declared NDP candidate Annie Blake as the winner following the drawing of lots, outgoing Liberal MLA Pauline Frost filed a legal challenge challenging the results; Frost initially claimed that two votes had been counted from the district that "should not have been cast."[16] Only one vote was actually formally challenged by Frost in court, on the grounds that as a prisoner in the Whitehorse Correctional Centre the voter should have registered to vote in Whitehorse rather than his home community; the challenge was rejected by Suzanne Duncan of the Supreme Court of Yukon in August, affirming Blake's victory.[17]