The Walking Dead Begins the End With More of the Middle

Does the show have a plan for the rest of its final season? Because the characters certainly don't.

Although it’s repeatedly said that the article offers no proof that Sebastian caused the deaths of so many missing people, “Lockdown” reveals everyone in the Commonwealth believes it and has begun protesting outside Milton’s office, demanding that “Give Sebastian to us!” so… they can murder him, I guess? There’s a court system in the Commonwealth, so I’m unclear why they think this is an option. Although to be fair, Sebastian—now and forever —is the most awful person in the zombie apocalypse, so I can see why they’d love to skip a trial and get directly to the execution.

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Likewise, Connie’s newspaper specifically targeted Sebastian’s crimes… despite the fact the paper’s (bananas) headline only says, “Pamela Milton is lying to you,” which, uh, she isn’t? She truly seems to have no idea what Kingsley’s been doing, although perhaps she’s lying about other things. But Carol and Negan hunt down Kingsley hiding in a secret room, passed-out drunk and urinating into mason jars, so they can safely escort him back to Pamela in exchange for the governor bringing Hornsby to heel. Carol even says they should blame Hornsby for the deaths, which would take the heat off the Milton family entirely and squash the revolution in its tracks.

I feel like everyone would have benefitted from having a team meeting and figuring out what their goals were and how best to achieve them, partially because they’re all working at cross-purposes, but mostly it would be a lot more exciting to watch these people work together. At the very least it would lend the conflict with the Commonwealth a more epic feel, which would be nice given that there are only seven more episodes to go.

To be fair, I don’t think the bad guys have a plan either. Hornsby seems to have conquered Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside for the immense power and untold riches it will bring him, both of which are non-existent. Pamela Milton just wants to stay in charge and live her life of luxury by exploiting the working class (which sucks, but is unfortunately no more a crime in the zombie apocalypse than it is in reality), but when faced with protestors, she initiates something called plan “B14,” which the show indicates is the following:

Putting the city into lockdown, forcing all the residents to return to their homes. But then, somehow, telling them that anyone caught out after curfew will be arrested “for their own safety.” But… since they’ve already ordered everyone to return to their home, why wouldn’t you just arrest everyone who’s outside regardless of what time it is?