Season 1

This page is about the first season of the Coronation Era. For other uses, see Season 1 (disambiguation).

As the season began the Black Hole appeared and the following occured.

Shortly after Day 1 there was an error that caused future games to be delayed resulting in another alert.

Falling players had also, on rare occasion, hit a player on a team's active roster and knocked them out of play. The fallen player then replaced them on the active roster, and the hit player entered the Shadows. A list of occurrences of this is below.

At the beginning of the season, no decrees or blessings were available. However, over the course of the season, two different kinds of EMERGENCY ALERTS revealed the ballot.

These secretions occurred before Day 6, Day 28, and Day 49, and added the NEW Redistribute Wealth, NEW Relegation, and NEW Open the Forbidden Book respectively.

These secretions occurred before Day 25, Day 46, and Day 67. The first one added Strong Start, Shadow Play, and Wind Spirits; the second one added Yeet and Strike Zero; and the third added Shore Up and Guess Whose Thwack.

Shortly before Day 3 started, an Alert was broadcast, which re-allowed the ability to see star counts on individual stats.

Another Alert was broadcast before Day 44 that gave the ability to see players' attributes, which had changed to a different system between the eras.

Starting with Day 24, and repeating each real-world 24 hours, a new boon was granted. This boon, referred to as "Universal Bets and Influence", granted players 100 Chips and 20 Votes. Around Day 66 the amount given was doubled for that day (which took place on a Thursday). This would happen for Thursdays in a Season going forward. This, notably, would not activate during Offseason. Coinciding with this came a Message from the Monitor:

Right before the Postseason began, an Emergency Alert was broadcast. Before long, however, the message itself was clearly being actively edited. Whilst only edited one letter at a time, the messages the alert ended up at are as follows:

The message then continued to vary in line breaks and periods, eventually making the message vertical and adding select periods to letters, culminating at:

As of the end of Season β24, all Ongoing Decrees had been Nullified, and are no longer in play.

Divine Favor was not clearly visible during this season, and it is unclear if it was used.

Four teams from each Conference advance to the postseason, consisting of the four best performing teams in the Conference seeded by Wins.

Teams alternate home games with the higher seed hosting first. The Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Internet Series are all best-of-five.

Each Blessing will be awarded to a randomly selected team. Votes from a team's fans increase the likelihood of that team receiving a blessing. Each team can win at most one blessing.

Following the Election, an emergency alert happened corresponding to the players voting for the Decree "NEW Open the Forbidden Book".

Following this alert, a Crew of four Umpires appeared. They then spoke on what would happen.

After a brief pause, this was followed by one more emergency alert announcing the name of the Era.

Shortly after the beginning of the Offseason the Umpires appeared again:

Afterwards parts of section 2 of the The Forbidden Book were unredacted. As well as rules g, h, and i in section 6, which the Umpires recited in their previous appearance.

After another 24 hours, the Umpires unredactded section 4 with another appearance.

After yet another 24 hours, the Umpires unredacted Section 5 with another appearance.

After, once again, another egrigous wait time of 24 hours, the Umpires unredacted Sections 6 and 7 as well as announcing impending Review.

Towards the end of the Offseason, the Beat Reporter posted a summary of Season 1.