Summer heat and self-isolation got you down? Cool down with these six miniseries that you can stream in Japan.

The program, which makes use of a special freezing technique, has drawn 160 corporate and over 2,000 individual subscribers so far.

The total number of e-books borrowed in May from libraries operated by one service provider shot up fivefold from a year before.

As it has done with just about all activities around the globe, the novel coronavirus has reshaped how we consume our entertainment. In Japan, one of those ways has been the revival, most notably among young people, of a once favorite pastime that had largely ...

Cardboard box composting, a method that’s become popular in Japan, is cheap, simple, bad-odor-free and well-suited to small spaces.

This recipe collection starts with a homemade mentsuyu (noodle sauce), which becomes a flavorful base for four other dishes.

As we head into summer, now is the time to crank up the air-conditioning, get comfortable and delve into Japanese cinema with these recommendations.

If time spent at home during COVID-19 made you want to get your own furry friend, here are some points to consider before committing to a new pet.

Did you know you could make more than bread in your “home bakery”? No? The Japan Times tells you how.

Video games Final Fantasy VII Remake and Animal Crossing: New Horizons have engaging storylines, graphics that are worthy of Hollywood and now — a captive audience

During Week 1 of stay-at-home orders in Chicago, I ordered beer from a local craft brewery. By Week 9, I was making nattō (fermented soybeans) at home.

By taking a key arts festival online, Satoshi Miyagi is finding ways to ensure that theater survives the pandemic.