covid-19 in Japan

Demand for chrysanthemums has already been slow due to a tendency to scale down funeral services amid the epidemic.

Several prefectures reported a decline in infections from recent highs amid a heat wave in the middle of the Bon summer holiday period.

The effects of the coronavirus are being felt across all branches of the economy.

Gas stations in tourist areas in Japan are having a tough time this summer holiday season, including the Bon period, when sales of gasoline are normally high, as the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus is sapping demand for long-distance car travel. The average retail ...

Virtual tours are allowing participants to view scenery and interact with local residents across the country.

Event company Creativeman announced that this year’s replacement for Summer Sonic will be postponed until 2021.

Following recent infections of players in both leagues, the two competitions discussed strategies to improve the speed and accuracy of contact tracing.

The data suggests that government measures may be helping keep businesses afloat amid the pandemic.

Sagan Tosu manager Kim Myung Hwi has tested positive for coronavirus, the J. League first-division side said Tuesday. Three club officials were found to have been in close-proximity contact with Kim, but no players, the club said. Kim, a 39-year-old Japan-born South Korean, felt unwell around ...

The risk is especially high this summer as more people are wearing face masks outside to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Masayoshi Son has pulled off a remarkably speedy comeback after the worst loss in his company’s 39-year history.

Among those found to have contracted the virus were 88 members of the soccer team at the school in Matsue, with 82 living in the same dorm.