If this is not stopped, ticketbuyers will continue to deal with exorbitant fees and ridiculous wait times, with no other alternativesIf you go to concerts, sporting events, or live shows hosted by Ticketmaster-LiveNation, this affects you. 

It’s impossible to understand Ticketmaster’s actual monopoly power without understanding that it is owned by LiveNation. LiveNation has a monopoly over promoting the biggest touring acts and securing them branded sponsorships in the process. Artists who don’t work with LiveNation risk losing the best venues and calendar dates and the revenue that go with them. LiveNation uses this power over artists and venues (who want the best acts) to make sure its company, Ticketmaster, has an equally strong monopoly over ticket sales. Put simply, if a venue wants the best acts, they play ball with LiveNation artists and event promotions and have Ticketmaster handle their ticket sales.

We are calling for Ticketmaster and LiveNation to be broken up as it is obvious that this is in direct violation of antitrust laws and has made a negative impact on U.S. citizens as well as any competing businesses.