Health and the environment

“The climate crisis is a health crisis," said Maria Neira, Director of the department of Public Health & Environment, World Health Organization. "Let’s reimagine a world where clean air, water and food are available to all. Where economies are focused on health and well-being. Where cities are livable, and people have respect for their health and the health of the planet.”

Roughly 24% of all global deaths are linked to the environment – a healthier environment could prevent these deaths. The COVID-19 pandemic is a further reminder of the delicate relationship between people and our planet. Our political, social and commercial decisions are driving the climate and health crisis.

Pollution and plastics are found at the bottom of our deepest oceans, the highest mountains and have made their way into our food chain. Systems to produce ultra-processed, unhealthy foods and beverages are driving a wave of obesity, increasing cancer and heart disease while generating a third of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Asthma, heart disease, lung diseases are skyrocketing as over 90 percent of people breathe unhealthy air resulting from burning of fossil fuels. A heating world is seeing mosquitoes spread diseases further and faster than ever before. Extreme weather events, land degradation and water scarcity are displacing people and affecting their health.

By sharing knowledge, and raising awareness among friends and family, we can make a real difference in human well-being and quality of life.