Guinness record-holding cats feared dead in house fire

FOX 2 introduced Cygnus and Arcturus earlier this year when each cat nabbed a Guiness World Record for 2018. Cygnus has the longest tail, measuring in at 17.58 inches, and Arcturus Aldebaran is the tallest domestic cat, measuring in at 19.05 inches.

Sadly, a fire broke out in the family's home over the weekend. It took dozens of firefighters to put the fire out because of the location and the intensity of the flames.  

"The challenge of fighting a fire in this area with no hydrants and a water supply required us to go a great distance, approximately a quarter mile, to stretch in with a hose line from a hydrant," says Farmington Hills Fire Chief Jon Unruh. "Assisting us was the Village of Franklin's tanker truck which provided water for us immediately."

Homeowners Will and Lauren Powers are asking people in the area of 12 Mile and Farmington to be on the lookout for their cats, just in case they were able to escape. They have a third cat, too, named Sirius. 

Will posted on social media asking the community to donate to the Ferndale Cat Shelter in his cats' honor. 

"Those cats had a future of TV appearances and fundraisers to support the Ferndale Cat Shelter. In lieu of any support to us, please donate in their name to the Ferndale cat shelter," he wrote.