New Business Marketing Book for Women, "Monetize Your Expertise," by Alina Vincent Inspires Women Entrepreneurs

New Business Marketing Book for Women, "Monetize Your Expertise," by Alina Vincent Inspires Women Entrepreneurs

"The rapidly changing workplace is opening new opportunities for women of all ages and abilities to make money by sharing their knowledge by starting a business," said Vincent, a speaker, and international bestselling author. "The main problem many women have is their ability to believe in their own success. This new inspirational book will show women how to focus their minds so they can control their futures."

"When you become certain of something—when every part of you believes it's possible—you become unstoppable. When you imagine achieving your goal, when you visualize what it feels like, when you see it in your mind's eye, your subconscious mind considers it something that has already happened, and it will no longer question whether it's possible. It will stop trying to protect or hinder you. In fact, the daily practice of visualizing your dreams activates your creative subconscious, which starts generating ideas to help you achieve your goal," she said.

"However, just imagining things will not get you very far. You still have to do the work. You have to take action. You have to use proven strategies and follow proven systems. You need to have a coach or a mentor to guide you," she said.

This motivational book is based on real-life stories by women for women. The book shows:

Any type of expertise, experience, knowledge, or insight can be monetized.

"The secret to making money with your existing expertise is to figure out what you know that others could benefit from and would be willing to pay for," she said.

"The key is to remember that your expertise has value and that there are people out there who need what you know," she said. Women can make money:

Her 13-coauthors share stories of how they have dealt with their money-mindset issues and what they've done to turn things around—from someone who was giving all her work away for free to someone who closed herself to money coming in to someone who didn't think she had anything of value to offer others.

"Mastering my money mindset and discovering how to monetize my expertise the right way changed my life, and I want that for you. It allowed me to not only financially support my family well, but to create a business that's now reaching thousands of people and making an impact on entrepreneurs all over the globe," she said. "Knowing how to monetize your expertise can be the key that gives you back your time and your life."

Alina Vincent is a business strategist, speaker, and international bestselling author of "Teach Your Expertise" and "Leverage Your Expertise" books. She's known globally as the creator of the Profitable Online Challenges Formula, which helped her grow her business from zero to over a million dollars in just four years.

Alina is passionate about helping entrepreneurs package and monetize their knowledge and expertise to create a leveraged and scalable business. Experts hire her for strategic advice and a simple step-by-step approach to creating successful online programs, engaged Facebook communities, and profitable 5-day challenges.