Wearable Technology Can Help Remotely Monitor Horse Health 

Many horse owners wish they had a way to keep tabs on their horses when they can't be at the farm in person. Purdue University veterinarians and biomechanical engineers have created a wearable equine slicker with embedded sensors that allow for continuous remote tracking of a horse's respiratory, cardiac, and musculoskeletal health. 

The research team said the device can help manage chronic equine conditions and continuously assess the health of hospitalized horses without using adhesive or shaving the horse's hair.

The technology doesn't interfere with the fabric's permeability, wearability or flexibility; horses need not be stabled while wearing it. The slicker connects to a portable unit that sends information to a laptop via Bluetooth, allowing vets and horse owners to continuously monitor the horse even when they aren't in the same area as the horse. 

Veterinarians believe that the slicker will be helpful in monitoring pregnant, asthmatic, colicking, and laminitic horses, as well as for determining physical fitness. 

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