Fantasy Football Week 4 Booms and Busts: Lions and Seahawks put on show in 12-touchdown, 93-point game

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Fantasy Football Week 4: Lions, Seahawks put on show in 12-touchdown, 93-point bonanza

There’s a lot of stress in the ordinary week of a fantasy football manager. There are injuries and bye weeks and bad weather and surprise inactives and coaching whims and officiating mistakes. The ball bounces funny for all of us.

But sometimes you just have to focus on what makes you happy. And no one wants to make you fantasy happy in 2022 like the .

We’re always on the lookout for a fantasy carnival, and this Detroit outfit might be a legendary one. The Lions lead the NFL in points scored and points allowed, which is a pretty nifty trick. And on Sunday hit every high note for our fantasy quest.

Sunday at Ford Field, the teams combined for 93 points, 1,075 yards of offense, and 12 touchdowns. The Lions punted just twice, the never did. The pinball arcade never closes. The points keep rolling in.

At the beginning of the year, we pitched Goff as a possible streamer QB or a good idea in Superflex. But maybe he’s legitimately inside the QB1 cutline, given how fun his offense is and how lousy the Lions defense is. Goff racked up 378 yards and four touchdowns in catchup mode, along with a pair of two-pointers (one run, one pass). The Lions are unlikely to challenge for a playoff spot, but it’s not Goff’s fault.

It’s a good reminder that in fantasy football, the names don’t matter. We just want the numbers.

. And maybe we’re burying the lead — for Week 4. Welcome to the party, pal. In total, the game accounted for four of the top six scorers as of this writing.

The sustainability of Detroit’s carnival will be tested in upcoming weeks. Detroit gets New England in Week 5, Dallas in Week 7, Miami in Week 8 and Green Bay in Week 9, along with a Week 6 bye. There isn’t a soft mark in that group, not on defense anyway. But maybe we should not sweat the matchups so much, just let Goff & Company cook.

The Seahawks travel to New Orleans next week, traditionally a tricky spot. After that, it’s the Cardinals, Chargers and Giants. It’s encouraging to see Penny taking over in this backfield — Kenneth Walker (8-29-0) was not effective in his return to Michigan. And while Smith is no Pro Bowl candidate, we just want him to be good enough to keep the offense on schedule, and to focus on Metcalf and Lockett. Lately, that’s been the case.

Josh Jacobs had a huge game in a Raiders victory. Sound familiar? A lot of backs are game-flow dependent, but Jacobs needs Las Vegas to win to hold value. For his career, he has 26 touchdowns in 22 Raiders wins, and four touchdowns in 25 Raiders losses. That's stark. Oh, and Jacobs has never caught a touchdown pass. Unless you see the Raiders back in the playoffs, I use Week 4 as a possible sell-high window.

• If I knew for sure Derrick Henry will keep this proactive passing role, I'd easily consider him a first-round staple going forward. The Titans are late to the idea that it's smart for Henry to occasionally be tackled by the small guys on the defense, not the behemoths in the middle of the line.

• For three quarters, Zach Wilson played like he'd never been coached. But he rallied in the fourth and stole a win against a respectable team, even if the Steelers are down this year. New York's line seems to have moving parts every week, but the skill talent can elevate Wilson. I see a wide range of Wilson outcomes — we really have no idea if he's good or not — but I'm excited to find out.