The Games Industry in Nigeria is Bigger Than the Entertainment Industry, Says Maliyo Games Founder

The Games Industry in Nigeria is Bigger Than the Entertainment Industry, Says Maliyo Games Founder

The founder of Maliyo Games, Ugo Obi said the Games industry in Nigeria is bigger than Hollywood, Nollywood and the music industry all put together.

Ugo, who stated this during a chat with at the Lagos Startup Week, said his company builds games for the African market for both Android and iOS and that Nigerians are becoming better at building games.

He said there is a huge market for the game industry in Africa, considering that the continent is home to over 300 million smartphones which Nigeria contributes a large chunk.

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According to him, his company is partnering with Google to create a game Bootcamp for Nigerian developers because Africa has access to talents and Maliyo Games is ensuring that developers access the best tools to develop games.

Obi who was also featured on Forbes said that the educational system in Africa lacks a curriculum for game development and what they have is mostly self-taught people who come in with preconceived notions of how things ought to be done.

“Why we think that gaming is a great career path for a lot of people is that we think about gaming about the way we think about people who create content for YouTube or people who create music. When you create games, you create for a global audience irrespective of where you are.”

He said that the games industry generates over $90 billion a year and that the industry is larger than the movie and music industries combined.

“The whole amount of money made by Hollywood and the whole amount of money made by all of these big music stars when you put them together doesn’t compare to how much money games generate. The second thing is that we also have a large consumer audience. All of these mobile phones we have on our hands are smart devices and they offer different forms of entertainment.”
“The third thing is economic empowerment. If you build a game and launch it you have direct access to a global market. You can monetize your game and earn revenue from the game that you created in the same way that a musician or an artist can create content and generate revenue. You can do the same.”

Obi stated that his studio has trained over 300 people in 2021 and they are majorly people who came and wanted to learn game development.

He said asked prospective game developers to pursue skills, and that other entrepreneurs need to first find the market and then they can go for funding and not funding first.

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