Learn about Google Play services

Google Play services is core system software that enables key functionality on every certified Android device. There are three types of core device features Google Play services provides:

Google Play services helps to ensure the security and reliability of an Android device, and keep devices updated with the latest security features. This includes:

Google Play services provides developers thousands of continually updated APIs that enable them to deliver high-quality experiences in their apps, such as: 

Google Play services enables core services on Android devices. For example:

Additionally, when a user signs into their Google account on their device, they are able to update their Google settings, manage the security of their account, and sync important data, such as their Google Contacts, across devices.

Google Play services collects data on certified Android devices to support core device features. Collection of limited basic information, such as an IP address, is necessary to deliver content to a device, app, or browser. Device manufacturers also provide Google Play services with permission to access certain data on a device, such as location and contacts, to support these features.

Actual data collection varies depending on device settings configured by a user, the apps and services installed or used on a device, the device manufacturer, and a user's Google account settings. In many instances, Google Play services will access data locally on the device without collecting data off the device. 

To support each of the functions described above, Google Play services may collect information for the following reasons: 

Google collects data through Google Play services to help protect users, Google services, and third party developers' apps and services from fraud, spam, and abuse. This includes: 

As described above, Google Play services provides a number of APIs and core device services that enable Android to be a feature-rich, connected platform. Google may collect data about these services and APIs to help provide, maintain and improve them. Depending on device settings, Google may collect additional information about a device. Examples include: 

If a user uses Google apps and services on Android, Google collects data through Google Play services to provide and improve those apps and services. For example: