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Line items are the primary element in defining an ad campaign in Google Ad Manager. They contain settings that let you decide how and where ad creatives are intended to show on your website or app. Line items always belong to an order and can only belong to one order. Orders can have multiple line items.

There are many steps and possible setups for line items. The goal of this article is to help traffickers understand the general procedure for setting up line items.

If you're a trafficker and not familiar with line items, you're strongly encouraged to review About line items first. You should also be familiar with your advertiser's requirements, such as what kind of ad creative it wants to show and what sort of audience it's trying to reach.

Want to save a line item and come back later to work on it? The minimum you need to enter to save a line item is:

You can change these at any time while you're working with your advertiser. You'll need to set up lots more to make sure your camping runs as intended, but you can enter this minimum to get going and update other settings later.

This section provides step-by-step procedures divided into sections to help you grasp line item set up. However, you're more than likely to set up your line item in a different sequence as you gather requirements and other details provided to you by your advertiser. Consider this a general outline and refer to About line items if you're unfamiliar with a setting.

The Troubleshoot tab in a line item details page shows reasons why creatives might fail to deliver. If your ads aren't showing, check there to see to if settings need to be adjusted.

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