Tivity Health Acquires Industry Leading Digital Health and Wellness Platform Burnalong

Tivity Health Acquires Industry Leading Digital Health and Wellness Platform Burnalong

Acquisition will accelerate digital transformation and enhance efforts to support diverse populations and address chronic disease

Burnalong helps users connect to content tailored to their individual needs with access to more than 5,000 local and community-based instructors who teach more than 30,000 live and on-demand classes. Burnalong also offers programs in more than 60 categories, from traditional fitness to nutrition, financial wellness, adaptive workouts and chronic disease management.  Specialty areas of programming include arthritis, pre- and post-natal, hypertension, burnout, MS, stroke, adaptive workouts, caregiver-support, veteran programming, chronic pain, Parkinson's Disease, cancer, and diabetes.

In 2020, Tivity Health began a digital transformation with the launch of virtual, live-with-instructor fitness classes through SilverSneakers LIVE, as well as the expansion of content offered through SilverSneakers OnDemand and SilverSneakers GO. In 2021, Tivity Health added mental enrichment, social engagement and virtual learning for members in participating health plans to further expand the virtual opportunities available to SilverSneakers members.

"This is a milestone for Burnalong and for our dedicated team members who have worked hard to build a platform that makes a difference in people's lives," said Daniel Freedman, co-founder and co-CEO, Burnalong. "As part of Tivity Health, we are excited to continue our efforts to deliver a best-in-class fitness and wellness platform with approachable content for every individual, including those with chronic disease."

Tivity Health is committed to continuously evolving to address barriers to good health, including accessibility and chronic disease. Burnalong expands Tivity Health's reach with virtual programming led by a diverse and inclusive roster of instructors from communities across the United States, including programming that targets many of the most common chronic conditions.  

"Both Tivity Health and Burnalong are mission-driven organizations committed to helping people thrive through better health," said Mike Kott, co-founder and co-CEO, Burnalong. "Together, we will continue to find more ways to expand participation, reach at-risk populations and provide meaningful solutions that improve health and wellness while reducing the cost of care."

Burnalong partners with local and community medical professionals, instructors, studios, and others to create a diverse range of virtual classes and programs to follow. It specifically targets holistic and inclusive fitness and wellness programming that is tailored to deliver a relatable and inspiring user experience to everyone through life's journey. 

Burnalong (www.Burnalong.com) provides an end-to-end wellness solution focused on helping people achieve their human potential; through a scalable digital platform, social support and motivation, proprietary data and analytics, and AI. People can take classes alone or live with others where they can see and hear each other, and join communities, for added social motivation. Our platform includes access to more than 30,000 live and on-demand classes, taught by 5,000+ instructors, across 60+ categories (spanning physical, emotional, and financial wellness, including programming for chronic conditions, prenatal, children, and disabilities), reflecting the diversity, and diversity of needs, of the population.