Sully Says: "The Entertainment Value Was Off The Charts" |

While he'd like his team to be tighter defensively, there were still a lot of positives to take from Pittsburgh's 7-6 overtime win

It feels like there's never a dull moment when it comes to the Penguins, and Tuesday turned out to be a particularly chaotic evening, both from a lineup and game standpoint.

"I became aware of (Jarry's situation) when he arrived at the rink tonight before the game," the Penguins head coach said. "He's being evaluated right now with an upper-body injury, so I don't have anything more for you on that front."

The Penguins didn't have a backup goalie available to dress, and neither did the Panthers, as Florida head coach Paul Maurice said Spencer Knight wasn't good to go - which meant Alex Lyon got his second start in as many nights after a 6-2 loss to the Rangers on Monday.

From there, the teams combined for six goals in a wild, back-and-forth first period. The Penguins actually had a good start, trying to use their day off to their advantage. They built a 6-1 edge in shots … but the opportunistic Panthers ended up opening the scoring with two goals 1:26 apart.

Not to be outdone, the Penguins responded with two goals just 1:00 apart to even the score at 2-2 before Letang got his first just under two minutes left to give Pittsburgh the lead. But Carter Verhaege then got his first with just under one minute left to tie it up.

The second period was all about special teams - Pittsburgh's power play in particular. They ended up surrendering a shorthanded goal to Aaron Ekblad, but later got it back on their third try of the period (and the game) from Crosby.

In the third period, Pittsburgh's fourth line of O'Connor, Ryan Poehling and Heinen continued their phenomenal play. O'Connor battled to get the equalizer after Florida had gone up early in the period, after making a great play to set up Heinen earlier in the game. After Malkin buried a bomb on the man-advantage, Verhaege scored his second to force overtime.

But Letang would not be denied a second time … blasting a one-timer into the back of the net after a perfect pass from Malkin to finish with four points on the night. Here's what Sullivan had to say after the contest.

"Well, it's great any time you get contributions from your blue line and your bottom six - it helps you immensely with the result and it's tough to rely on the same guys all the time to score goals for you. So, when you can get it throughout your lineup like that, it certainly helps your cause, that's for sure. I couldn't be happier for Tanger with everything he's been through here over the last little while. To come back and have the night that he had, I think that it was an emotional night for him and the whole team for that matter. We're all living through it with him and so I think everyone was ecstatic to get Tanger back in the lineup. You can obviously see the impact that he has on our team."

On how nice it was to get two goals from the blue line and two from the bottom-six:

On if the defense took a step back after last game in New Jersey: "On the defensive side of the game, I thought we did. I don't think we played the game as tight. It was another one of those high-event games. I think we've got to get better there. We have to get better. We're playing a dynamic team offensively. Again, they've got some forwards that are dangerous, but some of it I think is self-inflicted on and those are the areas where I think we can do a better job. It starts with managing the puck, but just understanding how to win - making sure you make good decisions when you're late in shifts, forcing our opponents to have to beat us. I thought we had some lapses throughout the course of the game there. What I love about our group is just our compete level, the perseverance to stay with it. I always use that word stick-to-ituitveness - this was one of those nights. There were a lot of goals on both sides. There were momentum swings. There was a lot of emotional swings. I just thought we stayed with it and different guys stepped up. You know, like the guys we mentioned whether it be our blue line or the bottom six. And obviously, to win a game in overtime, that's an area that we've talked about a lot as a team. We haven't had the success that we think we should. And so to win one in overtime, hopefully that's something we can build on as well."

"I don't know if I had a bit of a laugh. I'm sure you guys might've (laughs). It was an entertaining game, that's for sure. There were a lot of good plays made on both sides. There's a lot of talent on both teams. And so, I think the entertainment value was off the charts. You know, from a coaching standpoint, we would like it to be a tighter game. And I know we're capable of it. We just- we've gotta bring it more consistently, and, like I said, there's a lot of positive things that we can take out of it. We're pleased with the result. We're happy for certain guys that were able to get on the score sheet from a goal production standpoint. But there are also some areas, opportunities for growth, and I think we've got to heed those messages. It didn't hurt us tonight, and if we learn from that and get better because of that, then that's a worthwhile experience."

On if he marvels at a game like that, and maybe even has a bit of a laugh:

"Well, from my standpoint, there's a lot of urgency. Because I think we're in a tight race here and will be for the rest of the year. That's the way I look at it. And there's a fine line between winning and losing. We gotta control what we can to set ourselves up for success and I think the best way to do that is: you've got to be hard to play against. You can't play a loose game. You've got to make sure that you take care of the puck. A lot of it just boils down to detail. You know, it's a lot of details, it's collective effort, and then it's a certain discipline to stay the course through sixty minutes. And that's the area, for me, where we're trying to challenge our group, is just the discipline to stay with it throughout the course of the game, regardless of how things happen out there. The ebbs and flows. You know, things aren't gonna go our way sometimes. That's just the nature of the sport we play. We need to understand it going in. And if we understand it, we'll react the right way when it happens."

On how the Penguins tighten/clean up the areas he mentioned, and the sense of urgency to get that done: