Eastern Health Changing Traffic Flow at Health Sciences | VOCM

Eastern Health is making changes to the traffic flow at the Health Sciences.

The health authority says the changes are necessary for construction work on the recently announced emergency expansion project.

Traffic on Mosdell Road, from the intersection of Warner’s Road Extension running to the North intersection of Clinch Crescent, will now be one-way. The direction of traffic will be from Warner’s Road Extension to the Clinch Crescent and Mosdell Road intersection.

Vehicles will only be able to go to the main entrance on Mosdell Road at the intersection with Clinch Crescent near Ronald McDonald House.

Patients and visitors will not be able to access Mosdell Road from the intersection with Clinch Crescent adjacent to the Molecular Imaging Facility and near the helipad.

Patients and visitors exiting the public parking lot in front of the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre can now only turn left to exit the parking lot. Due to the traffic flow changes, right turns are no longer permitted.