Marc Vetri’s Pizzeria Salvy marks his return to the pizza business

The chef announced his new pizzeria, but did not yet disclose the location.

Seven years after selling the Pizzeria Vetri brand, Marc Vetri and business partner Jeff Benjamin plan to return to the pizzeria business with Pizzeria Salvy, a shop named in honor of Vetri’s 86-year-old father, Salvatore.

Vetri announced the move on Instagram on Thursday, though he declined to divulge the location, pending the delivery of its oven.

”I really miss it, though I haven’t stopped making [pizzas],” he said in an interview, noting the pizzas offered at his restaurants in Las Vegas and Kyoto, Japan, and at a new stand at the Wells Fargo Center.

Sal Vetri, a retired jeweler, has been a part of his son’s kitchens since the beginning. Salvy will serve his meatball recipe.

Pizzeria Salvy will be simpler than Pizzeria Vetri, whose first location opened in September 2013. Besides Sal Vetri’s meatballs, the menu will include slices and pies, a few salads, and some vegetables, he said.

While Pizzeria Vetri offers Neapolitan pizzas, Salvy’s is not going in that direction. The menu will include a New York style as slices, as well as a square, or taglio style.

Pizzeria Vetri’s four locations are owned and operated by Urban Outfitters, which bought the brand as well as some other Vetri-founded restaurants in late 2015, two years before Vetri and Benjamin left.

Vetri and Benjamin now have the Vetri Cucina flagship, as they always have, as well as Fiorella in South Philadelphia, Fiore Rosso in Bryn Mawr, Vetri and Osteria Fiorella in Las Vegas, and Mr. Maurice’s Italian in Kyoto, Japan.