Car break-ins target new entertainment venues

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - St. Louis Metropolitan Police are investigating after a rash of car break-ins at the City Foundry STL and Armory STL over the weekend. The new entertainment venues have been targeted by thieves multiple times over the last few weeks.

Danni, who asked us not to use his last name, was one of the victims. He went to the Armory to meet friends and came out an hour later to find a busted window and an expensive vintage leather bag had been stolen

“I know this happens, but you wouldn’t think being gone for one hour, your car would be busted into. And your stuff would be stolen that fast, he said.

“The safety of our customers is our primary focus. We’ve incorporated numerous safety measures including the installation of metal detectors at all entry points, 24/7 video monitoring of all parking lots, additional parking lot lighting and fencing, and armed police patrols in all parking lots. We are overwhelmed by the support and visitation since we opened, and we are committed to keeping the Armory safe and inviting.”

Thieves broke windows and stole items from vehicles parked at the Foundry Saturday night. While officers were investigating, they heard multiple gunshots and saw a white Honda Accord driving away. According to police, the passenger of the Honda leaned over the roof and began firing several rounds from a rifle toward the officers and three juveniles that were at the scene.

No one was hurt, and the vehicle was last seen driving south on Vandeventer.

The crimes have the potential to scare away customers before the two businesses have time to get firmly established. But Cassie Cantrell, who lives in Illinois, said it wouldn’t deter her from visiting the Foundry in the future.

“We just have to live our lives and hope nothing bad happens and be careful. And take steps to be cautious. No, I’m not going to stop eating somewhere because something bad happened once,” she said.

“As city residents and business owners we were disheartened to hear about the rash of break ins and other incidents at entertainment venues across the city this past weekend including at City Foundry STL. The safety and security of our guests and tenants at City Foundry STL is our top priority. Since Saturday night, we have been in contact with city leaders, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and our security firm to evaluate our security protocols. Our goal from the start has been for City Foundry STL to be a gathering place for our community. While this was an isolated incident, we will continue to work with local police and our security firm to implement best security practices for our visitors and guests.”