"I am pleased to announce that Nurosene has made the strategic decision to focus its efforts on the continued development and rollout of next generation offerings that specifically benefit companies in the pharmaceutical industry, by utilizing technology developed by NetraMark (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company). Specifically, the NetraAI platform extracts insights from patient data leading to predictive patient enrichment strategies to de-risk the clinical trial process. The Company's primary focus will be in support of this decision, as we move forward." – CEO of Nurosene, George Achilleos.

The industry problem - The pharmaceutical industry faces two (2) primary challenges that could benefit from the use of AI:

The challenge – Few companies have been able to apply AI methods to clinical trial de-risking, primarily due to the small data sets that exist in the majority of clinical trials, regardless of Phase. In fact, more than 90% of the clinical trials launched from 1999 – 2021 have less than 1,000 participants4. This presents a unique challenge in that traditional AI methods have not been statistically responsive to small datasets that can lead to statistically significant insights to be utilized for the purpose of enriching clinical trial patient population recruitment plans.

The solution – The NetraAI technology has been developed over the last five (5) years with the intent and capability to extract insights from small datasets that can create a mosaic of models/hypotheses that can shed light on various aspects of how patients relate to each other with respect to a given indication. This ultimately reveals hypotheses about which sets of genetic characteristics may best relate and respond to a drug in question.

Further, the Company has created specific offerings and supporting sales materials to aggressively begin to pursue commercialization efforts. To support this, the Company has put in place an executive team with deep experience within the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, and as previously announced, the Company has hired the following key individuals to help accelerate the objectives of the Company's business plan:

"I believe there is a significant opportunity to innovate on traditional methods used to derive clinical trial patient enrichment criteria. The underlying NetraAI algorithms used to drive statistically significant patient insights, using small datasets, is very compelling." – Josh Spiegel, President NetraMark.

Nurosene is a company focused on being a leader in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) solutions targeted at the Pharmaceutical industry.

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