Scitech Roundup: TikTok SciTech Educators

As winter break approaches and Carnegie Mellon students prepare to leave for Thanksgiving, The Tartan knows that the thing you will miss most is the science and technology news you read in this here SciTech column. Have no fear, dear reader, we would never leave you high and dry like that. So for this issue of SciTech roundup, here are some of The Tartan’s favorite science content creators on Gen Z’s favorite platform, TikTok.

No list of TikTok science educators could be complete without the science-nerd-half of the Green brothers. Tune in to Hank’s channel to see him rant about just about anything he thinks of, answer questions about videos he’s tagged in with his “Ask Hank” series, and apparently advertise a sock company that’s really cool and good for charity. Who knew?

To add another obvious public figure, Neil deGrasse Tyson does indeed have a TikTok! Follow along as he talks about topics spanning science and technology, including the likes of the universe, time, autocorrect, AI, string theory, and the age-old debate: pineapple on pizza (spoiler alert: He says no). Neil’s channel is a good mix between his own talks, clips from interviews, and other content, so there’s something for everyone here. My favorites? A recent video explaining how likely it is that we are living in a simulation, and another that explained that the planet Uranus used to be named George. The more you know!

Rounding out the top three is our final public figure: Robert Irwin! Watch the son of the iconic Steve Irwin carry on his father’s legacy, which is apparently arguing with a very angry curlew named Emily. I mean, I’m here for it. His channel is always good for a wildlife update, usually accompanied by Robert being bitten by said wildlife. Like father, like son.

I couldn’t just stick to the already-famous science educators, I had to do some of my own personal favorites (if you paid attention to my archeology piece last week, you’ll already know who this is)! Tani is a self-described “History mami” with a love for ancient Egypt, Greece, and all things archeology. She’ll keep you up to date with the latest archeological discoveries as well as just make history entertaining with her “Dumb History” series. Oh yeah, and she’s in the process of developing a history-inspired jewelry company, which might be featured in a future Tartan all-staff meeting (me and my shopping addiction are NOT sorry). We love the girlboss energy.

Kyne is a drag queen mathematician who is here to teach her viewers while looking fabulous. Her channel includes math-based videos spanning topics like mobius strips and pi, history videos about the origin of Christmas and the Fahrenheit measurement system, as well as videos on makeup, the Philippines, and her life as a drag queen. Come for the math videos, stay for the makeup tutorials, because this Queen can do it all.