Mekhi Becton throws some shade before Jets victory over Steelers

Becton took to social media to make a snarky reference to a former teammate in a deleted tweet that raised some eyebrows.

Becton’s injury has not prevented him from spending some time on social media

When you’re cocky on social media and you lose, you look like an idiot.

When you win, you can pretty much say whatever you want, subject to the social media police.

However, since Mekhi Becton is on injured reserve and will miss the whole season, he feels free to throw shade anywhere, anytime.

Before the game, the NFL’s Twitter handle marked Zach Wilson’s return with a tweet of some of his highlights.

No. 62 in that play is, of course, Greg Van Roten, the former Jets guard who was a fan scapegoat and was eventually replaced by Laurent Duvernay-Tardif last season. Van Roten is currently a member of the Buffalo Bills. Apparently, Becton saw an opportunity to highlight a former teammate’s ineptitude.

Clearly, some eyebrows went up at the tweet, since Becton deleted it soon after (hence the screenshot) and responded with another tweet.

It’s ironic that Becton felt license to poke at Van Roten considering that his next snap in the NFL will come after a minimum of nearly two seasons’ hiatus due to injury. If the best ability is availability, then Becton’s ability is sorely lacking, especially for a Jets team that is down to their backups’ backups at tackle.

Still, instead of looking at bygones, the Jets’ active players went out on the field and did their job today. Zach Wilson led the team when it mattered most.

So rest and recover, Big Ticket, while watching your team continue to hang in there. They could’ve done it so much better with you.

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And I’m not on Twitter at all, which means that I see only the Tweets that other people post. But we took receipts even though Mekhi tried to delete it.

GVR was also the reason he was injured last year… the real reason he’s still mad… as every real jets fan should also be. Love most of what Douglas has done, but going into 2021 season, we knew GVR didn’t belong on the team let alone field, and Douglas had to wait until he hurt multiple players including Big Ticket

I’m sure that was the reason for the snark, but I don’t believe he’s justified in blaming Van Roten.

It is interesting that the same Jets fans who lampoon Van Roten also criticize the Alijah Vera-Tucker draft trade up. At least Douglas covered that guard position.