Global Passport Ranking, 2022

It’s not or British or American. The United Arab Emirates’ passport is now the world’s most powerful, according to CEOWORLD magazine’s Global Passport Ranking for 2022. This was followed by FINLAND, ITALY, GERMANY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, AUSTRIA, LUXEMBOURG, SWITZERLAND, and SOUTH KOREA. The United Arab Emirates passport was deemed ‘world’s most powerful for 2022. The UAE passport holders can now enter 160 destinations around the world visa-free, according to the index, which ranks the strength of 199 passports.

Even though the United States is further down the ranking, the American passport still yields considerable power. U.S. passport holders can travel to 149 countries without major restrictions. And the worst?

Afghanistan finished the bottom of the Global Passport Ranking, with just 34 countries granting Afghans entry without obtaining an advance visa, according to the research findings. Passports have different colours, designs and shades but there is a lot more to a passport than that. Not all passports have the same power around the world. Every passport has a different status. Some passports afford their bearers more freedom than others.

So powerful passports mean that the countries are ranked in one order and they accept visa-free or visa on arrival. Let’s now get a quick look at some of the most powerful passports in the world:

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