Small outline integrated circuit

Small outline actually refers to IC packaging standards from at least two different organizations:

Note that because of this, SOIC is not specific enough of a term to describe parts which are interchangeable. Many electronic retailers will list parts in either package as SOIC whether they are referring to the JEDEC or JEITA/EIAJ standards. The wider JEITA/EIAJ packages are more common with higher pin count ICs, but there is no guarantee that an SOIC package with any number of pins will be either one or the other.

The SOIC package is shorter and narrower than DIP, the side-to-side pitch being 6 mm for an SOIC-14 (from lead tip to lead tip), and the body width being 3.9 mm. These dimensions differ depending on the SOIC in question, and there are several variants. This package has "gull wing" leads protruding from the two long sides and a lead spacing of 0.050 in (1.27 mm).

The picture below shows the general shape of a SOIC narrow package, with major dimensions. The values of these dimensions (in millimetres) for common SOICs is shown in the table.

These are sometimes called "wide SOIC", as opposed to the narrower JEDEC MS-012, but they in turn are narrower than the JEDEC MS-013, which may also be called "wide SOIC".

Another SOIC variant, available only for 8-pin and 10-pin ICs, is the mini-SOIC, also called micro-SOIC. This case is much smaller, with a pitch of only 0.5 mm. See the table for the 10-pin model.

After SOIC came a family of smaller form factors with pin spacings less than 1.27 mm:

The body size of a SOP was compressed and the lead pitch tightened to obtain a smaller version SOP. This yields an IC package with a significant reduction in the size compared to standard package. All IC assembly processes remain the same as with standard SOPs.

Applications for a SSOP enable end-products (pagers, portable audio/video, disc drives, radio, RF devices/components, telecom) to be reduced in size and mass. Semiconductor families such as operational amplifiers, drivers, optoelectronics, controllers, logic, analog, memory, comparators and more using BiCMOS, CMOS or other silicon / GaAs technologies are well addressed by the SSOP product family.

A thin-shrink small-outline package (TSSOP) is a rectangular, thin-body component. A TSSOP's leg count can range from 8 to 64.