Sloan Research Fellowship

The Sloan Research Fellowships are awarded annually by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation since 1955 to "provide support and recognition to early-career scientists and scholars". This program is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States.[1]

Fellowships were initially awarded in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Awards were later added in neuroscience (1972), economics (1980), computer science (1993), computational and evolutionary molecular biology (2002), and Ocean Sciences or Earth Systems Sciences (2012).[2] These two-year fellowships are awarded to 126 researchers yearly in the amount of $75,000.[3]

The foundation has been supportive of scientists who are parents by allowing them extra time after their doctorate during which they remain eligible for the award.[4]

Since the beginning of the program in 1955, 52 fellows have won a Nobel Prize,[5] and 16 have won the Fields Medal in mathematics.[6]