Set up AdSense in Google Ad Manager

You can provide AdSense buyers with greater access to Ad Manager inventory to serve ads. This can help monetize every impression in your network and generate revenue. You can set up AdSense in Ad Manager:

However, ad unit settings for AdSense take precedence over network settings

Use network level when you want all or most of your ad units available to AdSense buyers.

Activating AdSense for your network shows all ad units in your network as available to compete with bids from AdSense buyers. You may manually deactivate individual ad units from being available to AdSense.*

Use ad units when you only want smaller portions of your ad units available to AdSense.

Activating AdSense for ad units only shows individual ad units as available to AdSense buyers.*

You can see if the AdSense line item type is available when adding a line item. If it's not enabled, contact your Ad Manager administrator.

AdSense competes for ads similar to Ad Exchange, but AdSense doesn't serve on mobile apps.