Here Are All The 'Pokémon GO' Alolan Forms You Can Hatch Via Gifting Eggs Right Now

Here Are All The 'Pokémon GO' Alolan Forms You Can Hatch Via Gifting Eggs Right Now

While trading might be the biggest news out of Pokémon GO this month, the friending system has come with an unexpected bonus. Not only is friending what will allow you to trade, but being friends with someone, even at a distance, will allow you to send them gifts, and vice versa.

These gifts can be bundles of valuable items, but the most valuable of all are new 7 km eggs that contain Alolan versions of existing Gen 1 Pokémon, last seen in Pokémon Sun and Moon in the handhelds. Pokémon GO has been teasing the Alolans with the release of Alolan Exeggutor in the wild, but now there are a lot more to find (with some still to come).

Here are the eight Alolan Pokémon that you can get from these gifting eggs, no more no less. Some come from the eggs themselves, some have to evolve from lower forms found in the eggs:

So really, there are only four you’re looking to hatch from eggs, Mewoth, Vulpix, Grimer and Sandshrew, and you evolve the other four. If you’re a fan of the handhelds, you’ll know what’s missing. And here’s that list, if you’re curious:

Raichu and Marowak seems like they could show up for special events. I’d put money on a very special Community Day that features Alolan Geodude and his evolutions, but that’s just me speculating for now. I think that Alolan Rattata *may* have just been released into the wild with the launch of friending, which can be evolved into Alolan Raticate, but I'm not positive (Update: confirmed). In all, there are going to be 18 of these to collect when all is said and done, including the already-released Exeggutor.

I would expect that as we inch closer to fall, we’re also going to see special rollouts to help cross-promote Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, which features a link to Pokémon GO that lets you use your captured GO Pokémon there. It’s only Gen 1, but I’m not sure if the Alolan versions count as Gen 1 or technically Gen 7. I guess we’ll see as we get closer.

For now, start giving out those gifts and hopefully you’ll get some of these eggs back in return. These are some of the best-looking Pokémon in the game (that Ninetails!) so you won’t want to miss adding them to your collection, regardless of power level. Stay tuned for news on future Alolan releases.

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