What Time Is The Solar Eclipse 2017 Toronto

Missed the eclipse? Watch totality here

Canadians across the country put on protective glasses to take in a partial solar eclipse on Monday, while south of the border Americans travelled to the path of totality to see the moon completely blot out the sun during a rare coast-to-coast total ...

Solar Eclipse Calgary

Global Calgary anchors' solar eclipse discussion featured on 'Last Week ...

WATCH: Amber Schinkel, Scott Fee and Leslie Horton were briefly shown discussing the eclipse in a video montage that aired on Sunday's episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Eclipse Vancouver

Solar Eclipse: Vancouver getting in on the viewing of a celestial phenomenon

WATCH: Thousands got up early to check out the first solar eclipse to be seen in our part of the world since 1979. And as Neetu Garcha reports, with almost 90 per cent of the sun blocked by the moon, the skies darkened and the temperature dipped.

Solar Eclipse Montreal

Solar eclipse: Montrealers gather at Planetarium to watch

The grounds of the Montreal Planetarium were teeming with people Monday, and everyone's gaze was pointed skyward as they waited for the 2017 solar eclipse. The Planetarium was hosting a special day of activities, including a free show, demonstrations ...

Solar Eclipse Edmonton

An astronomical event: Edmontonians pack park to see solar eclipse

Almost 1,000 people lined up for about a block outside the Telus World of Science observatory on Monday for the chance to see the solar eclipse through telescopes. From Edmonton, the big event was only a partial eclipse, with only about 70 per cent of ...

next solar eclipse

When is the next total solar eclipse? 2024 'will be even better'

Americans will have to wait less than seven years for the next total solar eclipse - an event that scientists predict will top the August 21 2017 event. The path of the total eclipse will travel through Mexico, Texas and up across the highly-populated ...


Officer injured in attempted high-risk takedown

An undercover Toronto police officer suffered minor injuries during an attempted takedown in the city's east end on Monday night. Officers responded to the area of Gerrard Street and Logan Avenue at around 8 p.m. for reports of a shooting nearby ...

Solar Eclipse Ottawa

Chance to view partial solar eclipse draws thousands to aviation museum

Several thousand people walked, biked and endured traffic jams to get to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in the city's east end to catch a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse which, at its maximum in the Ottawa area, showed the moon covering 60 ...

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Of Course Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' Is the No. 1 Song on ...

Turn around, bright eyes — ahead of the Great American Eclipse, Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has reached the number one spot on iTunes. On streaming platform Spotify, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" saw a 2,859% increase in the U.S. and an ...

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is definitely up to something

Related: Is Taylor Swift about to drop a new album? Swift's video tease comes just days after she marked the third anniversary of the release of her "Shake It Off" single from her last album"1989" by scrubbing the content from all her online accounts ...

Total Solar Eclipse Dates

Next total solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Canada in 2024

FREDERICTON—For Canadians who had to watch television to get the best view of Monday's total solar eclipse, just wait until the next one in seven years when the path of totality crosses parts of central Canada, the Maritimes and Newfoundland. Chris ...

How To Make Eclipse Glasses

No Solar Eclipse Glasses? Here's How To Make A Pinhole Projector Instead

As I previously wrote for Forbes, if you want to look directly at today's solar eclipse, make sure you wear a pair of legitimate solar eclipse glasses. And I mean real eclipse glasses that meet proper ISO 12312-2 international safety standards and not ...

Coldplay Toronto

Izzy Bizu gets a lift to the big time from Coldplay

Bizu's first two gigs ever in Toronto, for instance, will now be at the Rogers Centre on Monday and Tuesday, putting her in front of as many as 45,000 or 50,000 fresh faces a night. A bit of a daunting prospect, perhaps, but probably an introduction to ...

Trump eclipse

Yes, Donald Trump really did look into the sky during the solar eclipse

Just in case Trump is still President when the next solar eclipse comes in 2024 -- it could happen! -- here's a story he should read. Titled "Can you really go blind staring at a solar eclipse?," CNN's Ashley Strickland writes: "The retina may ...

Solar Eclipse Winnipeg

Winnipeg misses out on clear shot of solar eclipse

After weeks of anticipation and preparation, mother nature spoiled Winnipeg's viewing party of the 2017 solar eclipse Monday. The city was under grey skies throughout most of the day, bringing with it some rainfall, and little chance for the the sun to ...

Pinhole Projector Box

How to Make a Pinhole Projector to Watch Solar Eclipse

If you have not found solar eclipse glasses at this point, you are probably out of luck because there was a scramble to get them. However, you can make your own projector to safely view the solar eclipse. NASA says pinhole projectors and other ...

Danielle Lloyd

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd in furious Twitter row with James Jordan after he ...

DANIELLE Lloyd was forced to hit back at James Jordan over the weekend after he cruelly claimed her ex Jamie O'Hara was funding her lifestyle. Professional dancer James made the comments as he tried to wind up Jamie during a conversation about Big ...

pinhole projector

Can't find eclipse glasses, NASA offers DIY pinhole projector.

ALBANY, NY (WRGB) -- Dispatch has confirmed Albany firefighters are working a residential fire that has spread to additional buildings on 1st Street. Albany Fire Chief Warren Abriel said the fire started at 315 1st Street around 5:30 Monday morning.

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon's Ex-Wife Writes Scathing Essay Claiming He Cheated Repeatedly ...

Joss Whedon's ex-wife, Kai Cole, has called the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and Avengers director a “hypocrite preaching feminist ideals” who engaged in a series of infidelities throughout their marriage. In a scathing guest blog post for The Wrap ...


Izzy Bizu gets a lift to the big time from Coldplay

Few thrills for the up-and-coming young musician can compare to getting a public endorsement from a pop star of Chris Martin's stature, but it's safe to say that subsequently getting invited to open up an entire Coldplay summer stadium tour probably ...